Monday, January 4, 2010

Its a New Year

So 2009 has passed and I did not blog once. Its a new year - a new dedication to things I love.
I love my family, I love to write, I love to tat, I love to socialize, so here it comes...(hopefully).

First let me say the family is well. Chris lost his job of 24 years last June and has been unable to find anything since. We haven't gone hungry and the major bills have all been paid so - life is still good. Chris is a preacher/evangelist also. Hopefully, this year will be the year for his preaching to 'take off'. Our pastor pretty much booked our January with projects at February here we come.
Our oldest, Erin, just started a new job - still in retail but not clothing. We are SO excited for her and proud of the way she has matured and developed. She and her husband will be married 5 years this month - WOW how time flies. No littles ones yet but...their lives have been so busy - its okay.
Esther has also just complete a job change...don't think this is the 'ONE' but that's okay too. We are just so proud of her and all she does. Maybe we will start to see some homemade cards coming from her world soon. Can't wait!
I started a tatting project over a year ago and put it aside because the pattern wasn't 'super' easy. I have decided to pick it up and complete it - post haste! As soon as it is finished I hope to post the picture on here. It really is a pretty doily. I am doing it in pink. (Why pink - I don't know!) Also, just finished tatting a garter for a co-worker recently. I'll try to get her to loan it to me so I can post a picture of it also. In my head I have LOTS of tatting ideas...but I am easily frustrated when it doesn't turn out the way I am invisioning it.
So there it is...the start to a new year. Hopefully, this year I will keep it up. (Haven't even written any poems this last year - weird...)
Okay - I'll catch you later...or come see me on FaceBook.

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